Artificial Hymen

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original artificial hymen

This is the original artificial hymen of the VirginiaCare brand. Manufactured to the highest hygienic standards of natural ingredients and has no side effects. Made in Germany in a laboratory for microbiology

natural ingredients artificial hymen

You do not have to worry about the application. The hymen is made of natural materials and you have no health side effects to expect. 

Artificial Hymen

2 Artificial Hymen for confirm Virginity in wedding night!

49,90 €

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picture artificial hymen

There are always 2 in a packet, so you can test the artificial hymen, previously calmed down. But you should always try it best in a real situation to get a satisfactory result.

result artificial hymen

The artificial hymen was created to produce blood during sexual intercourse to successfully confirm virginity.

artificial hymen instruction

Here you can look at how it works with a pictorial step by step guide. The application is really easy and you have the opportunity to apply the artificial hymen at the earliest 2 hours and at least 30 minutes before.

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